Sunday, July 11, 2010

Burberry Square

This is a great picture and style because it is simple, polished, and easy.

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The pictured style is easy to enjoy. To get this look put on a plain under scarf, fold a large scare scarf into a triangle, center it over your head, and secure beneath the chin with a bar pin.

An original Burberry scarf would be expensive, but if you search eBay you can find similar scarves for a fraction of the price. A nice variation would be to use a fun print scarf (like leopard). This style, or a variation of this style, would be great to jazz up a plain abaya or jilbab, and it would also look great with many modern outfits. The only drawback to this style is that you need to make sure you have appropriate chest coverage if the tail of your scarf is tied behind.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review: Shurk Maliki Hoodie

Today I am going to share with you a review of shukronline’s Light Jersey Maliki Hoodie. I often browse this site, and on a recent visit I broke down and ordered this jacket. Once it arrived I was very pleased with the quality and detail put into this jacket. It has a very modest fit, yet because of the design it does not look boxy. Usually I hate how jackets are often tight around the arms, and as such they are hard to layer, with this jacket it is not an issue. Actually the fit is so modest even if you went a size down it would still not be figure hugging.

Issues: Overall this is a great piece, but because of the thickness of the fabric it would not be great for hot, or in my case hot and humid, climates during the summer; however, there is plenty of airflow and you would be fine for short periods of time even in summer heat. Shurk’s site does warn you of this if you switch from the main page to the details tab (this is a great feature).


Although it appears this woman is making no attempt to dress modestly, I wanted to post this picture as a reminder. I have seen it more and more where women at the mall wear a scarf, but wear not only skin tight clothes but often semitransparent items. Before you go out look in the mirror and if you can see your undergarments or skin then there is no need to put a scarf on. It is sad to say but women in trousers and a tunic are more in line with the idea of modest dressing than those who wear a scarf with a tee-shirt and leggings or tight and transparent clothes.

Fashion Fail - Also Useful For Catching Raccoons

Basic Shayla

Trying to make my own step by step how to post reminded me of all those fancy Egyptian styles, and sisters magazines. This is an older picture, but it is a nice basic style.

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Square Scarf

After showing this blog to a friend she asked what I meant by square scarf tied behind. Below is my attempt to show you the style I was talking about:

Step 5: pin beneath your chin

Step 6: twist loose ends in front

Setp7: pull the loose ends behind your head and tie them in two loose knots

Make sure that your knotted end is underneath the main triangle tail of the scarf. Here is a youtube video demonstrating a similar style:

Please note that with small square scarves it can be hard to tie your knots first, and instead you have to twist the scarf pull the ends behind your head and tie the knots. Also, a decorative broach at the base of the chin is an accessory for this style.