Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review: Shurk Maliki Hoodie

Today I am going to share with you a review of shukronline’s Light Jersey Maliki Hoodie. I often browse this site, and on a recent visit I broke down and ordered this jacket. Once it arrived I was very pleased with the quality and detail put into this jacket. It has a very modest fit, yet because of the design it does not look boxy. Usually I hate how jackets are often tight around the arms, and as such they are hard to layer, with this jacket it is not an issue. Actually the fit is so modest even if you went a size down it would still not be figure hugging.

Issues: Overall this is a great piece, but because of the thickness of the fabric it would not be great for hot, or in my case hot and humid, climates during the summer; however, there is plenty of airflow and you would be fine for short periods of time even in summer heat. Shurk’s site does warn you of this if you switch from the main page to the details tab (this is a great feature).

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