Sunday, July 11, 2010

Burberry Square

This is a great picture and style because it is simple, polished, and easy.

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The pictured style is easy to enjoy. To get this look put on a plain under scarf, fold a large scare scarf into a triangle, center it over your head, and secure beneath the chin with a bar pin.

An original Burberry scarf would be expensive, but if you search eBay you can find similar scarves for a fraction of the price. A nice variation would be to use a fun print scarf (like leopard). This style, or a variation of this style, would be great to jazz up a plain abaya or jilbab, and it would also look great with many modern outfits. The only drawback to this style is that you need to make sure you have appropriate chest coverage if the tail of your scarf is tied behind.


Fatima said...

i love that scarf!

xx fatima

Charm said...

i want that scarf. :)