Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Great Buys

Today I stumbled across a great sale at H&M. In general, I frequent this store because it often carries modern clothing that are modest styling friendly. Today my new closet additions are tee-shirt tunic hybrids, both cost only 5 dollars : )

The black one is a classic loose, yet not boxy, tunic. It has elbow length sleeves and the hem falls mid-thigh. This one will look great paired with anything from wide leg jeans, to flowing skirts. It is relatively plain, so it will be great to add accessories to.

The second find has a more unique cut. Its styling is reminiscent of a butterfly style abaya, since it is loose beneath the arms and gets more fitted around the arms. Much to my surprise, despite the thinness and great breath-ability of this shirt, it was not transparent; however, it is a bit shorter than I would have liked.

It would have been neat if there were long sleeve versions of these shirts, I would have especially like to see long sleeves on the gray one. Other than that these are nice pieces at a great price. Also, if you are in store check out the great selection of accessories, which are perfect for personalizing and dressing up plain outfits.


..::Haifa::.. said...

short sleeves are not hijab style

NightRose said...

Thanks for the comment Haifa, you are right. These shirts are great to be worn in conjunction with other pieces, like an undershirt, arm sleeves, or they can be worn at home. They also work great with an over garment, whether that be a blazer or jilbab, since they are very light and breathable.