Monday, June 21, 2010

Kuwaiti & Mona Hijab

The traditional Kuwaiti, and newer Mona, one piece hijabs have the same basic design. They both have an under scarf with shayla attached; the Kuwaiti style has the outer scarf attached beneath the chin, while the new Mona design attaches the scarf on the side.

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This style seems so easy and practical, while also creating a stylish and polished look. After searching I eventually purchased a Kuwaiti style which consisted of a blue under scarf, which had a beautiful floral print outer scarf trimmed in satin. After finally receiving it the piece never seemed to work out. It seemed like no matter how I styled it either too much of the under scarf was showing at the top or some stuck out on the bottom. My hopes for the one pin and go polished look slowly faded.

However, I recently came across the Mona style. To me this is an upgrade from the Kuwaiti wrap and attaching the scarf on the side seems like it would give a better drape. Although I am yet to try it I have hopes that this design change will make a more stylish finished. Especially, since the only way I seem to be able to get my older Kuwaiti styled scarf to look decent is by tucking it in, which to me is not practical since there is a lot of extra bulk compared to just using a small square scarf with ends tied behind your head.

Maybe it was the particular scarf I bought, maybe it’s just my style preferences, but either way has anyone tied the new Mona design and if you have how did you like it?

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Fatima said...

My Kuwaiti hijab is nice but only in black color.